BLACK ONASSIS: the return of Chris Karloff

After a rapturously received Halloween gig at the Mercury Lounge, New York, with the crowd really going for it, things are bubbling up nicely for BLACK ONASSIS.

Holed up in a studio in Brooklyn in his adopted home of New York a shadowy collective featuring Chris Karloff (lead guitarist and co-songwriter on the first 2 Kasabian albums) and 2 American friends have been crafting a dark brooding mysterious album of psychedelic electronic rock’n’roll. Fuzzed-up chainsaw guitars, blissed-out hypnotic drones, sirens blaring, full-on throbbing beats. An upbeat inspiring record that reflects the intensity, the highs and lows of life in New York. NME compare them to XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream – a fine compliment – you can also hear touches of Spacemen 3 and proper party tunes.

The album will be released early in 2012. More gigs are being planned both in the US and the UK. Watch this space!

“A lot of the music is inspired by people’s situations, problems, and their desire to numb them. Every generation is defined by its music, style, and drug culture. Today legal prescription meds are picking off more people everyday and sucking the personality out of countless others. Mix in people's over-reliance on the cold means of electronic social networking, and we have ourselves a cultural dystopia.”

Living in a big city everything is quick, people are all over the place, and the constant bombardment of advertising, tv, noise, neon signs, traffic etc has given us all ADHD. The city also massively inspires the electronic element of the record with its constant noise and industrial heartbeat.

Another key theme of the album is about getting out of a rut and starting again. Too many people are lost within themselves forgetting the basic emotions that drive them. Even in the midst of such funks there's always hope and the determination to prevail.

“After I got kicked out of my last band, I went through a period of thinking "What next?” I don't think anyone expected me to continue making music. They thought I didn't want to. But that was never the case. The only thing I did know after all that happened was that I was going to keep at it. That desire to keep going is what drove me to write this album.”

Band line-up: Chris Karloff (guitars, keyboards, samples), Brad Conroy (drums, percussion), Nick Forde (bass, keyboards).

Guest vocalists: Morgan Kibby (M83), Leila Moss (Duke Spirit), Ben Gautrey (ex-Cooper Temple Clause), Aurelio Valle (Calla), Steven Young)

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