Bad For Lazarus hit 25

Not content with writing their ball breaking hard rock debut, as a precursor to the record Bad For Lazarus have also crafted this Lo-fi EP. Consisting of ex-members of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, UNKLE and NIN, Bad For Lazarus have all the scuzzy rock credentials, yet before making their full album statement are to release this quieter offering, 25, on March 28th.

But before you make your steady retreat, listen up, because the band insists this is no soppy, diluted collection of album rough-cuts;

“The challenge was to write something in a minimalist, softer style that isn't completely horrible. I don't think there's anything worse than when a good rock artist 'gets sensitive' and trades their wit and style for introspection and general wussyness. Once we took on the challenge for nothing more than fun, and our guards were down, we were quite amazed with our own results."

Indeed, 25, sacrifices none of the band’s signature swagger, yet converts the shouting and feedback (well, most of it) into soulful doo-wop through a fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll lens.

With a full length album to follow in May, it’s set to be a very busy year for Bad For Lazarus. The band have made a name for themselves through heavy touring (with the likes of Liars, Kong and Chickenhawk no less), so it seems almost implausible that you’ll manage to avoid them this year; whether that be blasting through your stereo, or rolling around a sweaty basement venue near you.

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