Apple delays release of Atari Teenage Riot iPhone App

Just before Atari Teenage Riot unveiled their iPhone App this week, iTunes Germany have announced they will be delaying the release as they need to it investigate further.

The free iPhone app features all ATR albums and songs, all videos, a photo archive, bio, news updates and also a ‘Riotsounds Produce Riots’ audioplayer. This audio player includes all the sounds/WAV files that ATR used at the May 1st 1999 demonstration (very low sub basses, square waves, noise sounds which trigger hysteria and panic within the audience) & would make them available to every political activisit out there. The idea being that you can hook up your iPhone to a speaker system if there is a rally:

Apple/iTunes is arguing that they still need to investigate further, because it is legally a grey area and ATR has been censored in Germany before.

The delay in releasing the App will mean it’s not available ahead of May 1st when Berlin police are expecting the biggest riots since the nineties. ATR are waiting to find out if it is allowed a release at all.

Alec Empire is set to appear in a documentary film for the German/French TV station ARTE about music & sound being used to torture prisoners. Alec will be interviewing soldiers who were in Iraq, prisoners from Guantanamo Bay & others involved, he was chosen for his knowledge of the matter, which may be one of the reasons why Apple is so concerned.

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