Tamzene shares her new video – ‘You’re With Somebody Now’

Tamzene has somehow managed to pass us by until now, but thankfully we’ve now joined her growing throng of fans and are happy to share her new track, the touching ‘You’re With Somebody Now’ – check out the video above.

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It speaks of heartbreak, nostalgia and regret, with the practical outlook that the past is the past and now things must change. This soulful pop track is accompanied by a captivatingly choreography music video, directed by fellow Highlander Archie Short. Throughout the song, Tamzene’s vocal soars with all the authentic passion of lost love, over a contemporary pop production that shows just how far and fast this songwriter has come from her days busking on the streets of Inverness.

“You’re With Somebody Now came from a period where I was looking to the past for answers, and I found them. Lewis Gardiner (producer and co-writer) has a talent for tapping into truth. So this song comes from an honest place of pain and realisation.” – Tamzene

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

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Tamzene shares her new video – ‘You’re With Somebody Now’ | The Digital Fix