Mabes shares new track – ‘Too Young To Love’

Mabes returns with a brand new track, not that long after releasing her brilliant EP Keeping The Noise Down.

‘To Young To Love’ is a more tender track than most of those that appeared on that release – it is an honest, empathetic song that questions all of love’s complexities.

On the single Mabes asks; “What is love? And how will I know when I feel it?” She explains “As we grow up, our love radar develops, and we find ourselves having romantic connections. When it’s reciprocated it’s the closest thing to magic, but when circumstances change, so can the ‘perfect soul mate’. How do we know when we’ve found love, if we have yet to feel it before? How do you know when we have found ‘the one’, if you’ve only encountered a fraction of the people fate has set you up to meet in your life?

She continues “When is it worth the fight through struggles, and when is it time to walk away? Is it love, or are we just comfortable and too fearful of the hurt if we said goodbye? What is love? At 24, maybe I’m too inexperienced to know, maybe I’m too young to love.”

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

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