Jemma Johnson returns with new single, ‘Did I Say Enough?’

We absolutely adore Jemma Johnson’s music – she’s a born performer and brilliant songwriter and we’re excited to announce that her new single ‘Did I Say Enough?’ is available to buy TODAY.

‘Did I Say Enough?’ is a strident, powerful new sound from the singer that is sure to set her up on the path to stardom. It’s an effecting, deftly crafted track that marks Jemma out as not only a top-drawer songwriter but a brilliant performer.

Check it out below.

Written as a reflection on Jemma’s personal trials and tribulations, ‘Did I Say Enough?’ is a powerful and emotive track walking the line between the earthy authenticity of Maisie Peters and the emotive vulnerability of Gabrielle Aplin to form a uniquely unguarded and authentic electronic/pop style. 

Of the track, Jemma says ​“The evening I wrote ‘Did I Say Enough?’, I felt I was starting to piece myself together again after the end of a long-term relationship. I’d never be so honest and frank with myself, which is what makes this song special to me. It might seem to others that this song was written out like an apology for someone, but it was more metaphorically sitting myself down and accepting some responsibility.”

Jemma is set to release her new EP later this year – she’s already built up a sizeable social following with over 7 million views to her music on her YouTube channel. She also performed for The Digital Fix exclusively last month with a stunning two hour set of originals and covers that we really do recommend you check out now!

You can follow Jemma over on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

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Jemma Johnson returns with new single, ‘Did I Say Enough?’ | The Digital Fix