Here’s one we didn’t expect – Alex Winston covers Joe Exotic’s ‘Here Kitty Kitty’

Joe Exotic, ‘star’ of the recent Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’ might not be the first person you go to for a song to cover, but Alex Winston clearly saw something in his tune ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ and has put together a remarkably excellent version of the song. Check it out above.

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This new song was developed in quarantine and Winston has pledged that “proceeds from this song will be donated to MusiCares and their Covid-19 relief fund for artists.” 

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has been on personal lockdown in her home, like many others right now, and as the popular show made its way onto her TV screen, an inspiration was born. “I think it was the perfect storm of being in my house alone for three weeks and the utter batshit craziness of “Tiger King” that somehow found me reimagining Joe Exotic songs in my underwear at 2pm on a Tuesday. There’s a couple more in the works so stay tuned.” 

The slow-churning pop melodies could not come at a more needed time. While everyone is stuck scouring the internet, waiting for the next piece of the “Tiger King” story to unfold, hearing  this new version offers a supremely dreamlike adventure that will calm the soul in crazy times. In classic Alex Winston style, one that’s long been admired from folks at Pitchfork, Billboard, Noisey and more, she creates a world all her own, one that’s likely to get her the new title ‘Tiger Queen.’

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

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Here’s one we didn’t expect – Alex Winston covers Joe Exotic’s ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ | The Digital Fix