Ellie Bleach impresses with new single, ‘He Bought Me Nikes’

Ellie Bleach is creating distinct baroque pop on ‘He Bought Me Nikes’, the fourth single from the London based singer-songwriter with a uniquely cynical take on so-called ‘easy listening’ 70s pop.

Following previous single ‘Jackie O’, describing a costume party where ‘JFK’ dumps her for someone dressed as Janis Joplin (a slick nod to Kennedy’s actual love life), Bleach continues to impress with her cutting lyrics, introducing us to someone who has “the charisma of a cult leader”.

“’He Bought Me Nikes’ is about a type of guy that I’ve encountered time and time again with a God complex that leaves them totally aloof and detached from anyone that tries to get close to them,” Ellie explains.

She continues “I was obsessed with the Jonestown Massacre and the heaven’s gate cult. I kept thinking, what kind of person is so magnetic, so attractive they can lure people to their own deaths? Then I realised, I know plenty of guys like that, and have fallen for one or two.”

Meanwhile the track marks a more baroque pop, piano-lead sound for Ellie Bleach, “I use harpsichord, mellotron and choral layers to take the track in a more cinematic direction. There’s a complete tempo change halfway through all building to a feeling of manic catharsis – like a cult leader going mad with power.”

With a host of support slots under her belt from Kate Nash to Brad Stank, and comparisons to Fiona Apple, Lilly Allen and Alexandra Saviour to boot, Bleach has gained a reputation for pairing razor-sharp lyrical storytelling with irresistibly nostalgic pop hooks.

‘He Bought Me Nikes’ is self-released and available on all online platforms 9th June.

‘He Bought Me Nikes’ can be purchased over on Bandcamp here… All Bandcamp profits will be donated to Black Lives Matter UK.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 09, 2020

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Ellie Bleach impresses with new single, ‘He Bought Me Nikes’ | The Digital Fix