Daisy Clark releases her new single – the utterly beautiful ‘Battle Scars’

Cornish singer-songwriter Daisy Clark has been building up a following for quite some time with her delicate, well-rounded pop and her new track ‘Battle Scars’ is out this week. We strongly recommend you have a listen below.


Written and performed by Daisy herself and produced by Ben Cartwright, ‘Battle Scars’ is a reassuring message to loved ones that you are always there for them, even when faced with distance and change – a theme which feels even more poignant in these uncertain times. With aching, heart-wrenching lyrics and Daisy’s effortless, raw vocals, the track dazzles as it delivers an overarching message of hope, “everything is happening, but you won’t be left behind”

Daisy said, “Battle Scars is about reassuring loved ones you’ll be there for them no matter what. I wrote it for someone that I wanted to feel safe and loved. It was the first song of mine that I wrote on the piano and is very special to me. I hope it can bring comfort, especially with the current situation in the world.”

We’re excited to see what Daisy treats us in the coming months…

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 02, 2020

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Daisy Clark releases her new single – the utterly beautiful ‘Battle Scars’ | The Digital Fix