Tatum releases brand new track, 'Bloodsport'

South Africa's Tatum returns with another brand new track - 'Bloodsport'. Placing the singers soulful vocals front and centre, this new track feels a little like Lorde and is well worth a listen.

'Bloodsport' chronicles the violence and beauty in the brutality of love. The song paints a vivid picture of the pitfalls of love and how, when a relationship comes to an explosive and painful end, it can ultimately destroy both people. That love in turn becomes a “Bloodsport”, because it cannot exist without a huge amount of pain, and so it becomes a sort of disastrous art.

Tatum's beautifully sung and musically delicate verses diminish and dissolve, making way for the huge, cinematic, cascading choruses that are underpinned by a relentless ritualistic rhythm, giving the track an intensely dynamic and melodramatic edge.

There’s also stylised quality to “Bloodsport” that, through its themes of tragic romance, feeds into a Lana Del Rey-like melancholia of seeing the beauty in heartbreak.

'Bloodsport' follow's Tatum's first two singles, 'Broken' and 'Fever, which received playlist support from streaming services across the board, were featured by tastemakers including sites Record Of The Day, Earmilk and CLASH, and were included on an internationally syndicated radio show that airs on over 70 radio stations and six continents worldwide.

Ahead of the release of her debut EP Bloodsport (which, by the way is brilliant) on the 22nd of May, 'Bloodsport' is the third strike for the alternative pop artist. 

You can listen to the track above or via one of the services here...

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