NYC bedroom pop artist, Maude Latour shares her new track

NYC bedroom pop artist, Maude Latour shares her new track

NYC based 'bedroom pop' singer Maude Latour shares her new track, 'Plans'. Have a listen below...

The daughter of journalists, she's lived in London, Stockholm, and Hong Kong and is fluent in both Dutch and Mandarin. She's currently a freshman at Columbia University studying philosophy and political science and plans to be the first president to perform at her own inauguration. 

Maude has spent the past year translating her own philosophies and political ideals into a musical universe interspersed with themes of transcendence, religion, and love for her best friend.

"'Plans' was a song I wrote in a backyard when I first went to California alone for music. It streamed out of me after hours of meditation and introspection. At the time, it was about a special moment of meeting someone for the first time... eyes meet across the room. But I’ve come to realize the song is about me, how I love. We phrase love as if it’s another person effecting us, but in actuality, it is ourselves changing and evolving and growing. Through love and heartbreak and crushes we see what we need and who we are. 'Plans' is a feeling for me; a warm and shimmering start of something new."

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