Maisie Peters shares her best track so far - Sad Girl Summer. Video to premiere at 5pm this afternoon

Maisie Peters loves nothing more than to leak snippets of her own music via Instagram - much to the chagrin of her management - but when it's as good as this it's no wonder she can't wait for us to hear it.

'Sad Girl Summer' is the latest track from the queen of emo pop and it's one of her best releases so far - and when her past releases include her, frankly brilliant, EP It's Your Bed Babe, It's Your Funeral, that is a pretty big statement to make.

You can listen to 'Sad Girl Summer' on Spotify, YouTube Music and other streaming platforms now and be sure to check out the video later on today - we've embed the premiere above for you so it's easy to find!

Talking about the track Maisie says "I wrote Sad Girl Summer at the beginning of summer 2019, which ironically went on to be one of the best summers of my life!” says Maisie. “The song is all about letting go of things and people that aren’t worth your precious time and energy, and celebrating the people in your life that are.”

Not content with creating acclaimed music, Maisie has also launched her own book club that has seen a number of writers join her for Q&A sessions. You can get involved in the book club yourself over on its dedicated Instagram here.

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