Mabes is 'Keeping The Noise Down' in her new single

It's pretty crappy out there right now but at least we still have good music and the latest track we really love is Mabes' 'Keeping The Noise Down' - a nice, laid back guitar led track that gives her voice a real opportunity to impress. And impress it does.

The Billericay-born star is an unforgettable force to be reckoned with, with her sights firmly set on owning 2020. 'Keeping The Noise Down' layers soft dance beats with relatable and poignant lyrics to create a dreamy pop track. It's a magnetic, comfortable culmination of her pop and country instincts as the listener is invited to enter into the world of Mabes as she figures out how to deal with the awkwardness and loneliness of feeling like an outcast. The track demonstrates the hotly tipped newcomer's continued ability to craft heart-rending pop with an emotional sincerity beyond her years.

Check out this small snippet of the video Mabes is set to release soon:

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