Laura Dreyfuss, aka Loladre, shares new track, 'Better Drugs'

Actress/singer/Broadway star Laura Dreyfuss, aka Loladre, has released her new song - 'Better Drugs' - today. Check it out above.

Acclaimed for her starring roles in the Tony Award-winning Broadway phenomenon Dear Evan Hansen as well as TV roles including Madison McCarthy in Glee Season 6 and Netflix' upcoming The Politician, with Loladre the multi-talented Laura Dreyfuss blends soulful vocals, electric pop hooks and a distinctly personal brand of lyrical songcraft, revealing a captivating new talent fuelled by a truly unique outlook on what music can and should mean. Her star ascendant, she took on the name of Loladre for both herself and her audience, allowing herself a freedom to veer away from what was expected of her.

"I just wanted to separate it for myself," Dreyfuss says. "I wouldn't want someone to confuse my music with what I do as an actor. The music in theatre is very different from the music that I'm making. I don't want to confuse the sound of my musical project with who I am as an actress."

Loladre was born soon after November 2016, conceived in the frightening aftermath of the presidential election. Though incredibly busy co-starring as Zoe Murphy in the just-opened Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen, she felt an intense need to do something more.

"I woke up that morning with a real need to create," she says. "I've been so fortunate in the past, I've had so many creative outlets, but I felt like even with acting and theatre, it wasn't enough. I just felt really compelled to make music."

Taking inspiration from such contemporary female artists as Robyn and Christine & the Queens, Dreyfuss began putting pen to paper, filling her journal with lyrics and other fragments of herself. In mid-2017 she teamed up in a NYC studio with her longtime friends Shelley and Heyaca.

"We've known each other for a while but had never really thought to collaborate," Dreyfuss says. "It was really wonderful for me because I felt like it was a safe space where I could feel like I could make mistakes. We were able to work so well together because we've known each other for so long."

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