Jemma Johnson teams up with James Kazze to tackle her anxiety head on in new track 'Let It Go'

The wonderful Jemma Johnson is back with her first of two singles out this month - and this might be her most personal to date. A collaboration with producer James Kazze, 'Let It Go' is very much a song that reveals a vulnerable side to one of our favourite upcoming artists.

Talking about the track Jemma told us "This song came out of the first lockdown where my anxiety, I know like many others was pretty high. I find the feeling quite hard to put into words and this was my best effort. If just one person could relate to this then in my eyes, the song has succeeded."

'Let It Go' is a delicate, beautifully written track that once again proves that Jemma is on the road to becoming one of the most exciting artists in the UK. The layered lyrics reveal a talent in songwriting that is becoming more and more impressive with each release.

'Let It Go' is Jemma Johnson's third single in the last year following the gorgeous 'Did I Say Enough' and brilliant, edgy, 'Pretty In The Dark'. Later this month she's set to release 'Sweat Heart' which we'll be sharing with you as soon as we can.

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