Genevieve Stokes shares her new track, 'Surface Tension'

Genevieve Stokes shares her new track, 'Surface Tension'

Genevieve Stokes has given us yet another EP to look forward to with the release of her new single, 'Surface Tension'. The 18 year old from Portland has crafted a track that puts her smooth vocals at the forefront of a warm soundscape of sound.

Genevieve Stokes says of her new single "‘Surface Tension’ came from a subconscious place of feeling unwanted and unfulfilled. I was 16 when I wrote it, and felt disassociated from my relationships and myself. I was lonelier than I had ever been and it was my doing. It’s about acknowledging this unhealthy cycle and trying to change it.”

Performing as early as the age of 7, Stokes was inspired by Regina Spektor’s lyricism and creativity. She was drawn to the concepts she sang about, and the sincerity of her music. Her most recent inspirations are Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, and Big Thief's Adrianne Lenker. Stokes’ music is created through the lens of these influences by incorporating both electronic and acoustic elements.

Genevieve Stokes’ forthcoming EP, a bold collection of songs conceived initially as part of a senior year project, marks the kick-off of a fresh and triumphant new force in music.

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