Fallen Temples release new song 'As Long As I Can Stand'

The world has changed significantly since Fallen Temples released their single 'Broken' in January 2020. Fear and uncertainty have thrown the entire world into chaos, but Adam Vaughn, Joe Stirland and Joe Lewis have returned to remind us that Rock music has the unique ability to entertain, distract and unite. Praise for 'Broken' was universally positive, but with their most recent release of 'As Long As I Can Stand', Fallen Temples have truly elevated their craft to achieve the quality and full potential they have promised since 2015.

The single includes all the trademarks of a classic Fallen Temples song; thunderous drums, masterful guitar riffs, and transcendental vocals. The addition of a not so subtle hint at the inspirations for the band with a distinct Black Sabbath flavour emanating from the obviously personal song only adds to the pedigree and foundations of this talented trio.

There is no doubt that Fallen Temples are clawing their way to the top with a combination of hard work, decisive and artful lyrical hooks and a hunger that is almost palpable in every climactic chorus.

'As Long As I Can Stand' is out now.

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