Vetiver – Manchester Academy 3

Manchester was treated to some first-rate talent Monday night as the Academy 3 played host to one of the finest Indie-Folk bands to come out of the States in a long while: San Francisco’s Vetiver.

After a beautiful set by the up and coming electric-folk combo Molly Macleod Band, Vetiver, led by charismatic front man Andy Cabic, took the stage treating the enthusiastic crowd to a selection of songs spanning the band’s four albums.

Vetiver’s music has been described as surreal and sublime, and on album the songs have an almost hypnotic feel to them, gentle and lulling, slowly seeping their way into your blood stream. Live they take on a different dimension with Cabic’s passionate performance and honey-coated vocals pulsated along by his top-notch band that seem to follow the music’s ebb and flow as if they’ve all got Sat Nav installed on their instruments.

The dreamy ‘Rolling Sea’, followed by ‘Sister’ and the upbeat love song ‘Everyday’ from the stunning new album Tight Knit started the set. The band then reached into their back catalogue performing songs from their first three albums including ‘Down At El Rio’ and ‘You May Be Blue’ from 2006’s To Find Me Gone. and the crowd pleaser ‘The Swimming Song’ from 2008’s Things of the Past, an album of obscure cover songs collected by the band over the years. The funky ‘Another Reason To Go’ from the new album, and a cover of The Wizard’s ‘See You Tonight’ rounded out the excellent set.

Vetiver’s stripped down and subdued music transcends into a different beast when performed live and the band’s generous set had the crowd’s blood racing and toes tapping. They may still be one of the best kept secrets in music, but with an impressive back catalogue coupled with electrified live performances it won’t be much longer until the secret’s out.


Updated: Sep 08, 2009

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