The Long Blondes – Kings College London

Sheffield band The Long Blondes celebrated the forthcoming release of their first single on Rough Trade Records “Weekend without make up” by playing a headline set at London’s Kings College.
The band took to the balloon filled stage and proceeded to blast their way through several numbers,old and new.
The five piece describe themselves on their website biog as “Like the Slits playing Roxy Music or Donna Summer reciting the collected works of Harold Pinter” and both are valid descriptions as the band have some great pop songs underneath their spikey exterior.
Lead singer Kate Jackson held the audience in the palm of her hand,driving them into a frenzy everytime she walked to the edge of the stage,as both boys and girls pushed to the front to touch her.
Kate is becoming something of a Style Icon as several girls in the audience were sporting her “look”.
One of the best moments of the night was a duet between guitarist Dorian and Kate which will hopefully feature on their forthcoming album.
The largest response of the evening was for the band’s singles,with “Giddy Stratospheres” getting the biggest reaction as guitarist Emma and bassist Reenie joined in with call and response vocals.
New single “Weekend..” also went down well,with several audience members singing along,proving that it’s won a place in their hearts already.
This was the third time I had seen the band live and it was certainly the best performance that I’ve seen them play.
The band have it in them to make a brilliant debut album so hopefully it wont be long before Rough Trade release one.

“Weekend without make up” is released on Monday on CD and two 7″ vinyl pressings, with exclusive b-sides.

You can preview the track on the bands My Space page.


Updated: Jun 22, 2006

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