Lucie Silvas – Shepherd’s Bush Empire

First tours are a difficult affair at the best of times. The artist only has around an hour of material, and unfortunately in Lucie Silvas case, it’s an hour of material that has systematically had the life beaten out of it on record to become something quite bland.

This is a shame, as in a live setting she has one of those huge voices that makes you sit up and take notice. A big, diva-esque arena voice reminiscent of Celine Dion, and is prone to peppering songs with superflous vocal moments. She certainly has a fanbase, too, from the screaming fans at the front to the one-gig-a-year housewives upstairs who greet recent hit “Breathe In” (dispensed with early on) like the second coming.

There’s an odd air of choreography about the entire thing, too, with z-list Fame Idol Academy people wandering around the place looking lost, then posing at the front at the start of the show as they’re filmed attending a gig, presumably for some ITV 7 special, while Silvas herself draws far too much attention to a mistaken chord played during the encores, which sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of what feels like an extremely well rehearsed performance, but actually injects a little bit of welcome spontaneity into proceedings. It all feels just a little soulless.

By the end, it all gets a bit repetitive. Here’s another one with The Voice to the fore, and it sounds a lot like the last one – there’s a lot of power, but not a great deal of range on show.

Hopefully with more material behind her, slightly larger venues and a bit more variety, Silvas could go on to great things, as she clearly has a talent for live performance, and there’s no doubt that she can sing live, but on this showing there’s still a way to go.

Mike Gray

Updated: Apr 28, 2005

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