Katy Perry – Water Rats London

In recent weeks California girl Katy Perry has managed to get herself splashed all over the UK press, getting them hot and bothered with her faux lesbian antics.
With her steamy song “I kissed a girl” wedged at the top of the singles chart she’s managed to fill several column inches, becoming a bit of a tabloid Queen in the process, so it was no suprise Katy’s two London shows sold out extremely quickly.
Water Rats is a very intimate space for a live gig. Resembling the back room of a pub it was a slightly odd choice of venue for Katy’s debut London headliner.
There was no support for the evening so Katy’s faithful fans were coralled in the bar until the doors of the venue opened, causing a mass rush to the stage when the time came.
Although the small venue was rammed there wasn’t a lot of pushing as it seemed to be a very good natured crowd.
Anticipation was high as Katy was slightly late in taking to the stage.
Eventually her band appeared, striking up a short intro, kicking into “Fingerprints” on Katy’s arrival.
Although Katy’s current single has firmly wedged itself in the ears of the Nation her album is still unreleased in the UK so I was unsure what sort of reaction she would get from the crowd.
“One of the boys” may not have made it to these shores but the majority of the audience seemed to know every word.
Katy’s fans (or Katy’s Kats as they’re better known) also seemed to know numerous facts about her personal life, astounding Katy with their knowledge during impromptu Q + A sessions between songs!
Katy looked stunning onstage, reminding me slightly of Zooey Deschanel and came across as a bit of a minx, strutting around, making provocative gestures and flirting with her band.
The band’s live sound is slightly harder than on record. Katy and her boys performed on the Warped tour in the US this Summer, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Be Your Own Pet, Paramore and GBH so I imagine they’re more than happy rocking out!
They certainly impressed me anyway as they ran through album tracks like opener “One of the boys”, “If you can afford me” and a sensational version of future single “Hot n’ cold”.
Katy was happy chatting to her Kats throughout the set, teasing them by asking if anyone was ready to make out and thanking them for popping her British cherry!
I’m sure Miss Perry’s fans down the front left the evening on cloud nine anyway as she held lots of hands and sang to numerous people.
As the shortish set drew to a close the final songs seemed to get the biggest crowd responses of the evening with Katy’s second most controversial song “Ur so gay” creating a huge singalong, followed by an ecstatic reaction to one of my album favourites – “Mannequin”.
Things quietened down slightly when Katy delivered an exquisite solo rendition of ballad “Thinking of you” , accompanying herself on guitar.
Katy’s final song of the night was her number one smash “I kissed a girl”, rolled out after a short offstage skit, with Katy pretending to talk to her Mom on the phone leading to the fact that she kissed a girl but she was fucking hot!!
Of course the audience lapped up the slightly harder version of the single, arms pumping in the air and hoarse voices blasting out the chorus.
I’ve noticed several websites and magazines approaching Katy’s album as if it was something by the likes of Radiohead, analyzing its contents far more than needs be.
It’s just a simple Pop album and Katy and her boys did a damn fine job of recreating the songs on the Water Rats stage so I look forward to seeing them again soon.


Updated: Sep 12, 2008

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