Kathleen Edwards – Live at King Tut’s

Though King Tut’s has the dubious honour of having helped Oasis rise to fame, it has remained one of Glasgow’s best venues for live music. Small and intimate, the venue gives a closeness with the performers that few venues can really offer though stagediving is not recommended. Tonight a relatively middle-aged crowd has assembled to hear a Canadian singer/songwriter half their average age. After an acclaimed but relatively intimate début, Edwards has changed tack slightly with her latest release. From the opening songs, we can notice the difference in sound with the guitars and the drums taking a more prevalent role. By the time she launches into In State, the crowd is already captive. Casting aside her Gibson acoustic for an single-pickup electric, Edwards crouches by her amp to catch the feedback for the introduction to a rocking rendition of Independent Thief. Although the album is solid, the live performance of the songs adds to their quality considerably, in no small part thanks to Edwards’ genial delivery and her onstage banter.
By the end of the set, almost all the tracks from Back To Me have been played with a fair amount of Failer make the cut with a fresh arrangement. The occasional change of tempo such as the two guitar reworking of Mercury allows the set to breathe (as well as the band). Ending the encore, with an interesting re-interpretations of Neil Young’s Unknown Legend, Edwards proves herself to be an apt live performer with the songwriting talent to back it up.

Mark Boydell

Updated: Apr 21, 2005

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