Florence And The Machine / The Ting Tings – I Tunes Festival Koko London

The I-Tunes Live Festival takes place throughout July at London’s Koko venue with numerous “big name” bands performing to lucky competition winners. Band of the moment The Ting Tings were headlining the ninth show of the Festival with up-and-comers Florence And The Machine warming the audience up.

I was unsure about Florence before she took to the stage as I’d liked the few songs I’d heard previously but had been put off by her persona when watching TV appearances as she’d resembled a mix of stage school brat and public school prefect!

I viewed her Koko set with an open mind so wasn’t that suprised when I found myself enjoying her performance. She was very theatrical and slightly OTT, coming across like the bastard hippy child of All About Eve or a cut price Kate Bush, spinning round and performing dramatic arm movements, almost delivering “Jazz hands” to the Koko audience but the music on offer made up for the slightly Am-Dram gestures littered throughout the support slot.

Highlights of the short set were Florence’s cover of “Hospital Beds” by Cold War Kids and a killer performance of current single “Kiss with a Fist”, even though it had to be restarted due to Florence stumbling over the opening verse.

I’ve seen The Ting Tings live several times this year, watching their confidence grow alongside the size of their audiences. Jules and Katie have already performed to huge festival crowds this Summer so took to entertaining the ecstatic Koko audience in their stride.

The duo pulled their set from their “We Started Nothing” album opening with “We Walk”. The majority of album tracks were played with singles “Great DJ” and “Fruit Machine” following. The rowdy I-Tunes crowd had a chance to get their breath back five songs in with Katie introducing “Traffic Light” with “This is the only slow song that we do”.

The duo’s breakthrough song in the US was up next with “Shut Up and Let Me Go” starting with a very long drum intro, finally settling into a Blondie “Rapture”-esque groove. Huge hit single “That’s Not My Name” followed “Be The One”, creating a party atmosphere as the whole of Koko seemed to sing and dance along, giving the pair a rapturous round of applause on the songs completion.

Katie announced “We’ve only one song left. We’ll only play it if you all dance and are up for it” before starting set closer “We started nothing”. She didn’t really need to ask but the Koko crowd were happy enough to comply, ending their evening with a bit of a boogie!

There’s still a chance to win tickets for the final few I-Tunes shows, including sets from Guillemots, The Music, Feeder, Pendulum and The Pretenders.
Visit the I-Tunes Live website for details.


Updated: Jul 15, 2008

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