Camera Obscura – London Luminaire

Scottish band Camera Obscura brought their angelic pop songs over the border to play a sold out show at London’s Luminaire.
In town to promote their new single “Lloyd I’m ready to be heartbroken” and forthcoming album “Let’s get out of this country”, Tracey Anne Campbell’s sleepy vocal delivery presided over a great set which focused strongly on the band’s new release.
The majority of the album was played,including 60’s stomper “If looks could kill”, “Lloyd…”, the country tinged “Dory Previn” with it’s “Stand by your man” ending and the waltz based “The false contender”.
The set closed with the final track from the album “Razzle dazzle Rose” which saw guitarist Nigel Baillie changing instruments to play the trumpet refrain.
The band came back for one last song,paying tribute to one of the original Queen’s of “Reality TV” – Miss Sheena Easton,covering her 80’s classic “Modern girl”.
I’m normally wary of shows which focus heavily on new albums before they are released, however the songs on “Let’s get out of this country”
are so strong and in my opinion a step up from the bands previous work that I couldn’t help having a great time.
Camera Obscura tour the UK from the 8th – 16th of June.
The single “Lloyd I’m ready to be heartbroken” is in the shops now.The album “Let’s get out of this country” is released on the 6th of June.
You can listen to “Lloyd” on the bands My Space


Updated: May 15, 2006

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