Buzzcocks – Perth Concert Hall

Heading towards their 30th year in the music business, Punk band Buzzcocks are still recording and touring the world. The band consists of two original Buzzcocks – Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle on vocals and guitar with Tony Barber on bass and recent addition to the band – Danny Farrant on drums.

Appearing at Perth’s Concert Hall to promote new album “Flat-Pack
Philosophy”,the band ran through songs from the new album, alongside other recent additions to their back catalogue.

However,it was the hits that the audience had come to hear and the 30 – 40 somethings that made up the majority of the crowd didn’t leave disappointed.
Early single “I Don’t Mind” was the first to roll out, followed by “Love You More”, Harmony in my head”, “Promises”, “Ever Fallen In Love” and “Orgasm Addict”.
The band also played some early B’ sides that were just as popular with the crowd as the A’s.

Finishing up with debut single “Boredom” the band departed,leaving a lot of hot and sweaty people who had just relived their youth and would no doubt face the consequences the next day…

The band are shooting off to the States to tour but will return to the UK for Festival dates in the Summer. You can listen to two tracks from “Flat-Pack Philosophy” on their My Space page.


Updated: Jun 02, 2006

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