Young The Giant - Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Having to sit through three rather middling bands (The Souls being by far the best of the lot) until you finally get to see the band you came for is a bit soul destroying. By the time they do get on stage you're thinking "This better be f*cking worth it." And thankfully it was.

Californians Young The Giant graced Manchester's intimate Ruby Lounge with their particular brand of laidback West Coast indie pop. For a relatively new band with an album just released the turn-out was pretty impressive, with a packed room ready for a mass singalong. Unfortunately, the venue's less-than-excellent acoustics swallowed up much of the sound but Sameer Gadhia's heart-throb vocals still managed get the point across.

Being a man of few words Gadhia's interaction with the audience was kept to a minimum and he let the music do the talking. Starting things off with the lovely 'Apartment' from their eponymously titled debut, the band put on a high energy show with Gadhia especially putting everything he had into it, stomping and dancing on stage, waving his tambourine like a dervish. 'I Got' and 'Cough Syrup' followed, the band's performance heating up along with the crowd's exuberance. The dreamy songs took on a greater scope and vigor than their recorded versions. The set closed with the beautiful 'Islands' and excellent new single, the rolicking 'My Body'. The crowd went out into the night satisfied and happy. Job done.

Set list: Apartment / I Got / Guns Out / Cough Syrup / Strings / Shake My Hand / St. Walker / Islands / My Body

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