Westlife - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

Barely a week since the Boyzone carnival saddled up and left town the dynasty continues in the Welsh capital as Westlife rock up with Wonderland in tow, and what a difference a week makes! Buoyed by a slew of arena dates with the elder statesmen of Irish pop the Wonderland girls have injected some muscle into their set and pull no punches on the Cardiff crowd who, by the time they reach new single Not A Love Song are on their feet and singing their hearts out. With killer material like In Your Arms it seems that Wonderland are an unstoppable force. Catch them now and then forever bore people by telling them you saw them before Jodie, Sharon, Corrina, Leigh and Casey quit the band to go solo.


Disappointingly, opening night technical problems determine that the momentum created by the girls performance dissipates well before Westlife hit the stage but, following a few half-hearted Mexican waves which meander along the balconies of the arena, the boys finally descend enigmatically from the ceiling in a surreal visual combination of West End Girls and Mary Poppins. Fever pitch suitably reached the lights eventually fire up and form the cue for five thousand girls to go wild for No One Gonna Sleep Tonight. Visually the show is an eye-popping treat and, with a multitude of costume changes and even some inflatable fruit, there’s no denying that the crowd get value for money in a solid 90 minutes of pure entertainment which even sees Shane and the boys take on Coldplay, Lady Gaga and, heaven help us, Kaiser Chiefs. The Music Fix was there with a camera in one hand and a bucket of candy floss in the other to capture the action for you lucky people.


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