Welcome to Rockville 2019 review

Welcome to Rockville 2019 review

Welcome to Rockville 2019 was quite the whirlwind, what with emergency evacuations, new Tool music, and insane heat.

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The opening day of the festival was headlined by Korn. With the festival opening at 11am fans piled in to see their favorite acts perform despite the impending doom of heavy rains. As Light the Torch, Beartooth, and many others performed, the rain came down hard and left everyone soaked. Unfortunately, moments before Flogging Molly was set to perform the festival announced that there would be an emergency evacuation in anticipation of a huge storm rolling in. Fans hesitantly left their positions at the barricade and headed back to their hotels and campsites. Luckily, after about an hour, the festival re-opened and the mayor of Jacksonville allowed the curfew to be extended in order to allow all the acts to perform. With set times adjusted, excited fans rushed back to the festival to regain their spots at the barricade and Korn finished off the night playing a mix of fan favorites.

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Saturday was hot! Temperatures hit a whopping 90 degrees. Luckily, it was also the one day with no rain or storms, but with the intense heat, fans were almost begging for a light rain. While many of the acts played, the large overpass was packed in with fans looking to get some shade. As Saturday ended up being the longest day, fans had plenty of time to check out the attractions around the festival, including a Monster Energy shaded area offering free Monster. The Boilermaker offered a shaded spot to taste Metallica’s Blackened Whiskey and Enter Night Pilsner. Zippo attracted a lot of fans offering two exclusive Rockville designs.

Black Label Society performed on the Monster Energy stage and drew in a huge crowd as one of the most anticipated acts of the day. My personal favorite performance on Saturday was In This Moment, who put on an awesome show. Between countless outfit changes and vocalist Maria Brink’s hauntingly beautiful voice, their set was a theatrical experience. Rob Zombie was the headliner on Saturday night and drew in a huge crowd to watch him perform on the main stage.

Sunday was by far the most eventful day. The festival was set to open at 11am but was pushed back to 12pm due to storms heading toward Jacksonville. About 30 minutes after that announcement, the festival was put on hold with everyone receiving notifications from the application announcing that the festival would not be opening “until further notice.” Among the campsite there was a general feeling of disappointment, but within 10 minutes of the announcement, everyone understood why. Insane storms hit Jacksonville destroying many campsites. There were tents and canopies flying everywhere, and all the festival goers came together to help out those that had lost their camp. After the rain passed and everyone settled down, the festival re-opened at 3:30pm with a revised schedule. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, about half the acts of the day were cancelled. Despite the bad news, fans were still excited to hear Tool play at the end of the night and everyone headed into the festival. As soon as doors opened, there were fans lined up at the barricade awaiting Tool’s performance which wouldn’t begin until 10:35pm. As it was the headliners incorporated a couple of new songs into their setlist, making all the anticipation worth it.

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Overall, Welcome to Rockville 2019 was a huge success and an amazing opportunity to hear a bunch of great artists perform; can't wait for 2020!

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