Twin Atlantic - YPLAS Cardiff

2016 could be Twin Atlantic's biggest year to date. The Scottish four have released a top ten album, performed on Jools Holland and are currently embarking on a full blown UK tour. And it's only October.

It’s a Sunday night at Cardiff’s sold out Y Plas and as the house lights go down, the venue completely erupts for the moment Twin Atlantic walk on stage. Opener 'Cherry Alligator', also the first track from their latest album GLA, is a riotous rock number that belies the big, crashing sound they’re about to unleash on tonight's audience. Following it with current single 'The Chaser' they’ve got the crowd singing along to their every word. They might have strayed from their emo-inspired roots for the latest album, but their foray into a more mainstream sound has given them a room full of fans hanging into their every word.

The audience tonight is of an impressive variety; the main body is centralised, throwing themselves up down and around to the thundering drums and infectious guitars, but parents accompanying pre-adolescents as well as the mid-thirties-wishing-they-were-still-mid-twenties crowd man the peripheries and more than one head of grey hair is visible. That says it all about Twin Atlantic, a great band that attracts an audience of much variety.

Blazing through an impressive 18 song set list, packed with high-energy and barely pausing between tracks in order to jam-pack as much new music as possible, but with enough fan favourites to keep the momentum and raucous atmosphere alive. Launching into ‘Free’, Sam McTrusty’s request for maximum crowd participation is a welcome command for those of us unfortunate enough to be marooned on the balcony.

While ‘Make a Beast of Myself’ and the fun ‘Fall Into the Party’ will be the kind of songs that’ll launch them into stadiums, the acoustic guitar / cello dynamic of Crash Land is one that feels a lot more personal, but inflated to enormous proportions thanks to the hundreds-strong vocal aid. It’s during moments like this that appeal of Twin Atlantic becomes clearer than ever – there are no frills or gimmicks, just absolutely massive rock songs that transcend genre into something for everyone regardless.

Concluding the show with ‘Heart and Soul’ and the debut single from GLA ‘No Sleep’, Mctrusty gets the entire venue jumping before also leaping into the crowd, ending this show with an absolute bang!

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