Twin Atlantic - Academy 3, Manchester

The first time I saw Twin Atlantic they were opening up for Gaslight Anthem and holding their own pretty damn well, making quite a few converts as a result (yours truly included). Yet their headline show at Manchester's Academy 3 just shows how far they have come in a fairly short period of time.

They were met with wild abandon as they launched into title track 'Free', the crowd singing lustily along. You know when you are onto something if your album has been out less than a week and people already know all the words to the songs. 'Edit Me' and 'Lightspeed' filled the tiny room, reverberating off the walls. Old favourites 'Caribbean War Syndrome' 'Human After All' from debut Vivarium sent the place crazy, the band thriving off the crowd's energy. Highlights included the wonderful 'Yes I Was Drunk' and the beautiful 'Crash Land' from the new album with Barry McKenna trading his guitar in for a cello. TA successfully played the audience, shifting from hard-rocking tunes to more mellow numbers with ease while never losing that all-important momentum. The set closed with 'What is Light? Where Is Laughter?' and crowd pleaser 'You're Turning Into John Wayne'.

Twin Atlantic are well on their way to becoming a first-rate live act. Powerhouse material coupled with their excellent stage presence are sure to make them a popular draw in the months ahead.

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