Trans-Siberian Orchestra - HMV Hammersmith Apollo

The words overwhelming and thrilling are a pretty good sum up of tonight’s performance at the Hammersmith Apollo. Taking to the stage were Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a progressive rock bank from New York with their 'Beethoven’s Last Night Tour' for 2011.

The dominating stage featured three archways, and carefully placed microphones and instruments for what was clearly going to be a spectacular show. Beginning their performance with 'Overture' the atmosphere became more apparent, with lasers, pyrotechnics and smoke adding to the ambience.

The whole feeling of the performance was very old fashioned with the overarching story about our titular hero's wrestle with the devil being narrated in between songs. Everyone in the audience seemed to have their eyes locked towards the direction of the stage, and even the younger audience members were not fidgety and enjoying the show as much as their parents! This was not just a concert, it almost felt like a play or musical and not just a band up there playing for a few hours.

With donations from the proceedings for the tour being donated to charity, it is clear this band conscience and despite it being a very long show - almost three hours and no break - I don’t think anyone would have left the Apollo disappointed.

Setlist: Overture / Midnight / Fate / What Good This Deafness / Mephistopheles / What Is Eternal / Mozart and Memories / Vienna / Mozart / Figaro / The Dreams of Candlelight / Requiem (The Fifth) / The Dark / Fur Elise / After The Fall / A Last Illusion / The Is Who You Are / Beethoven / Misery / Who Is This Child / A Final Dream / Toccata – Carpimus Noctem / The Mountain / Sleep (Savatage Cover) / Help (Beatles Cover) / The Child Unseen / Another Way You Can Die / Carmina Burana (Carl Orff Cover) / Chance (Savatage Cover)

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