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London's Relentless Garage recently played host to the Relentless Energy Sessions Festival, with around 19 bands performing over three days including sets from the likes of Band Of Skulls, The Damned Things and The Boxer Rebellion.

I turned up for the first evening as I was looking forward to taking in a set from Swedish New Wave band The Sounds. The venue had acts appearing on both their main stage and their "Upstairs" performance space but I spent almost all my time in the larger area downstairs, viewing the two other acts on the bill - experimental noise merchants Chrome Hoof and rowdy dance rockers Does It Offend You Yeah?. I wasn't really a fan of either bands, Chrome Hoof especially but both went down well with the audience, with plenty crowd members just there to see DIOYY, resulting in a lot of dancing from the assembled patrons, stretching almost as far back as the bar at the back of the venue.

By the time it got around to The Sounds playing, things seemed to be overrunning slightly, with a recently placed set list already suffering a score through one of the songs that had bitten the dust due to time constraints. As the minutes passed I imagined we'd see at least one other song fall by the wayside so was happy to see Maja and her gang finally take to the stage, unleashing set opener "Tony The Beat".

I've caught the band playing on numerous occasions since the release of their second album Dying To Say This To You but hadn't actually seen them perform for over 18 months so had forgotten how exhilarating they are live, with lead singer Maja Ivarsson a phenomenal frontwoman.

The band's set was pulled from all three albums, including a few tracks from their most recent release Crossing the Rubicon, with a storming rendition of single "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake" the stand out live song from album number three. The band unveiled a treat, delivering a taster from their fourth collection, with Maja letting the audience know they were "super happy" to be performing as they were currently recording their new album and she was "so fucking proud of it", so they gave us a taste of what was to come in the form of "Something To Die For" and it sounded very promising indeed!

The Garage show was a real short but sweet set, with the band firing on all cylinders due to having to curtail their performance with Maja mentioning they just had to continue as fast as possible, with a pummeling "Painted By Numbers" coming soon after, with a huge crowd singalong towards the end.

Although we may have lost the odd track it was still a powerful and extremely enjoyable performance from the band, reminding me just why I adore The Sounds live in general! I'll certainly be back in line to watch them again when album number four rolls around anyway, if not before!

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