The Script - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

I remember the good old days when you could buy a fish supper and a Vauxhall Chevette for half a crown and still have change left over for a knee trembler in a bus shelter. Back then St Patrick’s Day was limited to 24 hours a year but these days, well, Cardiff seems to have been celebrating the luck of the Irish for about a month what with Boyzone, Westlife, Wonderland, the rugby and now The Script taking over the city. The aforementioned boybands captivated all the tweenies and mums alike, and so it’s left for the Script to service the squeezed middle, with every teenage girl in the Capital seemingly on a pilgrimage to the Motorpoint Arena.

This is also somewhat of a journey of discovery for the Music Fix for, despite two number one albums under their belts, The Script have largely passed undetected beneath our radar but when a band sells out an arena tour in a matter of minutes even us jaded hacks find the energy to sit up and take notice. The first thing to note is that tonight’s crowd are on a knife edge and ready to erupt at the slightest prompt, hell even the karaoke Loose Women Schtick of Clare, voice of Renault, Maguire sends them into paroxysms, so when Danny jumps offstage to commune with front row during ‘ We Cry’ there’s real danger of mass hysteria, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…

But we’re ahead of ourselves and first need to welcome the boys onstage and, following a bone shaking, heart crushing intro that The Prodigy would have been proud of, the band slam into the epic sweep of ‘You Won’t Feel A Thing’. Musically the show is supremely slick and there’s certainly nothing here which would ruffle many feathers if found on the Radio2 playlist, but the band are clearly tapping a rich vein which appears to have compelled the youth of Cardiff to turn out en-masse. Girls are to be found fainting left, right and centre, a phenomenon that is hardly hindered by the dashing good looks of Danny O’ Donoghue who manages to both sing and play keys while simultaneously covering every inch of the stage. It’s a breathtakingly hyperactive role which he’s made his own. You can’t fault their energy or endeavour but we’re nevertheless left scratching our heads in bemusement at the hysteria accompanying this band. It’s not for us to question these things though for, as Howling Wolf eternally reminds us, the men don’t know but the little girls understand.

Setlist: You Won’t Feel A Thing / Talk You Down / We Cry / If You Ever Come Back / Before The Worst / If You See Kay / Science and Faith / The Man Who Can’t Be Moved / I’m Yours / Nothing / Rusty Halo / For The First Time / This = Love / Breakeven

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