The Music - o2 Academy, Leeds

The Music have been described as "danceable indie rock", "psychedelic rock", "indie psych swirl" and plain old "alternative rock". But above any artificial record company promo's description of them, they are an insurgent live band with a ferocious reputation for staging atmospheric, energetic and unforgettable gigs. And last weekend’s final flings, in their home city of Leeds, did not dispel this reputation.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and Rob Harvey (lead vocals), Adam Nutter (lead guitar), Stuart Coleman (bass) and Phil Jordan (drums) have decided it’s the right time to call it a day and venture off into new directions.

The Music have always had a devoted and passionate group of fans since bursting onto the scene ten years ago, so they felt it only right to say thank you to these loyal followers and bring the curtain down on their career with farewell gigs in Japan and the UK, ending with two homecoming gigs in Leeds. The crowd at the o2 Academy in Leeds were pumped and ready to receive their local lads. There was an air of almost unbearable anticipation and excitement, perhaps slightly tinged with a sadness that this much loved quartet of old school mates were about to split up.

A rapturous cheer and, seemingly never ending, mad applause greeted The Music as they walked onto the stage. Frontman Rob Harvey, a fairly unassuming and shy character, gave a quick wave and a mild mannered "Alright Leeds". Harvey’s spoken voice maybe quiet and his everyday demeanour pretty modest, yet when he breaks into song it’s his extraordinary, other worldly and now trademark vocal that fills the venue like an early warning siren.

The set kicks off with 'The Dance', but it's the second song, and debut single from 2001, 'Take the Long Road' that really gets the Leeds crowd whipped up into even more a frenzy and propels Harvey into his other trademark of crazy dancing!.....the sort of dancing you do in your bedroom when nobody is looking, but here there are thousands looking and loving every second of it!

Adam Nutter has been described as a "guitar juggernaut" and it’s easy to see and hear why. The dirty licks and remorseless riffs he churns out are off the Richter scale. Accompany them with Coleman’s heavy bouncing bass and Jordan’s hazardous drumming and you’ve got one hell of a mammoth sound. Classics like 'Freedom Fighters', 'Bleed From Within' and 'The Spike' have the fans dancing and singing like their lives depend on it.

Harvey belts out "it’s where I’m from….", a lyric from the amazingly brash 'Welcome to the North', with full on forthright Northern pride. The crowd join in and it feels like the whole world is joined in Northerness. It’s chuffin’ brilliant.

After all their struggles as a band, and personally for Harvey, they’ve put their heart and soul into giving their fans what they want and rewarding their loyalty, so it was only right that they end with 'The People'. With a name as ultimate and cocky as The Music, this band had to prove their worth and come up with the goods, and by ‘eck they did! The Music, you will be missed.

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