The Lysergic Suite - Gulliver's, Manchester

Leicester's The Lysergic Suite were one of our Top Tips for 2011, so it only seems fitting to check up and see how they're fairing now that the New Year has commenced. Saturday's show at the intimate Gulliver's, nestled within Manchester's historic Northern Quarter, will probably be one of those legendary gigs that people will be talking about years to come, each one boasting that "they were there" - when they probably weren't. For the rest of us however, it was a night that will live long in the memory.

The set started off with 70s Bollywood cover 'Dum Maro Dum', its hypnotic Indian influence a prefect fit for the stellar light show that is such a key feature of the band's set. The walls of the sweltering venue seemed to disappear as both band and audience were bathed in hallucinogenic blues, greens and reds while TLS' electro psychedelia continued to raise the temperature. New songs such as the beautiful 'Jasmine' and 'Scorpion 33' were intermixed with established set pieces such as 'Behind The Walls' and 'In The Morning' from the band's EP Ghosts On Crusade. The set closed with 'Earth And Water', the voice of a frantic caller to an American talk radio show a backdrop to the fast-paced music charging along behind it.

A truly spectacular set from one of the most exciting new bands to come along in a long while. Enjoy it while you can, as it is a safe bet they won't be playing tiny venues like this for much longer.

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