The Lysergic Suite - Fabrika, Leicester

It's been almost a year since the last time I had the pleasure of seeing this incredible band live, yet the prolonged absence has, if anything, only whetted my appetite, for as their name implies, The Lysergic Suite is indeed addictive. As soon as the last song ends you would give anything for the trip to start all over again.

Seeing TLS anywhere is a treat, but seeing them on their home turf of Leicester, nestled into the wonderful Fabrika Art Gallery on Humberstone Gate, is quite special indeed. Starting off with their glorious cover of 'Dum Maro Dum', Gren Spencer and his band tear through an excellent set encompassing new tracks such as 'Gold' interspersed with now-already-classic tunes like the beautiful 'Jasmine', 'In The Morning' and the set closer 'Earth and Water'.

Spencer's electrifying guitarmanship coupled with his charismatic stage presence really propelled the set forward. While newsreels and screen images filled the back wall the hallucinogenic light show, always a major feature of every LS show, seemed to add an extra dimension to the already hypnotic music. The greens and reds of the strobe lights reached out into the room like tentacles, puling the crowd in, making you feel as if you were inside the performance as opposed to merely watching it.

Alas the end came too soon as the voice of the frantic caller to a radio station fills the room and the roaring music of 'Earth and Water' erupts from the monitors, a brilliant finish from one of the most exciting bands around.

The Lysergic Suie play the Cardiff Gwdhwthe 11th of April, Fife Greenside the 13th, Glasgow Flat 01 the 14th and the Camden Barfly (Supporting Belakiss) 19th May. For more information visit them here:

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