The Dillinger Escape Plan - Electric Ballroom, London

It’s Bonfire Night, but the people queuing up outside the Electric Ballroom tonight aren’t waiting to see big colourful fireworks. They’re waiting for a different type of explosion, one that is arguably more dangerous than gunpowder-filled rockets. This evening the ferocious, bulldozing force that is Dillinger Escape Plan are taking to the stage to a capacity crowd in London, but before that they’ve brought Sheffield spazzcore kids Rolo Tomassi along for the ride. Seemingly on the up and up since the release of their second album Cosmology earlier this year, the band play songs mostly culled from that record but also treat us to a brand new song. Heading into ever more proggier territory, this has intricate, melodic guitar lines and spacey sounds which at times recall The Mars Volta. No bad thing at all.

The Dillinger Escape Plan emerge onto the stage in a flurry of flashing lights and electronic noise before ripping into ‘Farewell Mona Lisa’ from their most recent album Option Paralysis. Inciting mosh-pit violence left, right and centre, they pull no punches whatsoever. Instead they roll out pummelling tracks like the brilliant ‘Milk Lizard’ and an especially awesome ‘Sugar Coated Sour’. With some cool looking swing lights coming down from the ceiling, the band have plenty of things to hit, climb on and generally take their anger out on and the audience follow in much the same way. There are more introspective moments as guitarist Ben Weinman swaps his six-string for some mournful and impressive piano, but this is short-lived as the band return for the pop-hooks of ‘Black Bubblegum’ and the all out carnage that ensues during ‘Good Neighbour’. There’s something endearingly deranged about vocalist Greg Puciato and he has the crowd eating from his hand throughout. When the band returns for an encore and play ‘Panasonic Youth’ and ‘43% Burnt’, it only confirms what everyone else has surely been thinking: these guys are one of the best live bands in metal today.

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