Seven Caves - Escobar, Leeds

When TMF met up with SevenCaves back in June, this currently unsigned five piece were settling into the studio to start putting down tracks for their first album. With the album progressing nicely, Dave Walker (bass), Juzza Giddings (guitar), JT (guitar), John Blackwood (vocals) and Fabio Salge (drums) have spent the past few months playing numerous gigs up and down the country and performing in a highly sought after spot on the BBC Introducing stage at the MK Summer Festival.

SevenCaves are very much a gigging band. Described on their website biog as “a band whose live shows are a roof-raising floor-bouncing prospect; evangelical in their spirit and sound”. Of course, any band worth their salt knows that getting yourself out there playing to crowds - whether it’s two drunks in a crap pub, appreciative family members in your parent’s living room or a music loving festival crowd - is the best form of promotion going. Getting the right recognition and building a fan base is a key to success in the music business, that and having good quality, exciting songs, and SevenCaves do not disappoint when it comes to the latter.

Last Friday night the “Cavemen” took to the stage at Escobar in Leeds. They sweated it out on an unseasonably hot September evening to an appreciative crowd who’d been waiting with their iced beers ready to rock.

Their set kicked off with 'New Horizon', a guitar fuelled number which has all the hallmarks of being a great first single. It’s the kind of opener that grabs the crowd’s attention, and the type of track that you can imagine complimenting the goal montage on Match of the Day (always a good sign of a good tune). You can see people looking and nodding positively when the roguish riff launches into action and John’s anarchic vocal belts out “Everybody dance now!”…..not so much a lyric as an order ! 'New Horizon' definitely sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

The other stand out track of the night is 'Blood on Your Hand', a punchier, faster song which seems to tell a dark unsavoury story. I’ve already envisaged the potential video to accompany this track - the SevenCaves boys looking mean and moody in grainy black and white film, strutting down risky looking alleyways while criminally insane types swan off with morose models!

Categorising the SevenCaves sound, you could say they’re “lad rock”, the way the likes of Kasabian get hailed. Although having seen a fair few ladies dancing at the front of the stage, it’s clear the Cavemen have a broad appeal, a little something for everyone, which can only be a good thing.

With the likes of The Music leaving the indie rock/dance scene, there is a huge opening for a band of this nature to prove their worth and SevenCaves are certainly viable contenders to join that gang.


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