Peaking Lights - The Rhythm Factory, London

The psychedelic dub duo Peaking Lights have been in London for the past few days, promoting the recent reissue of their fantastic album 936 through Domino-affiliate Weird World. With a couple shows having already been played in the capital on this run, they take to the stage as part of local promoter Upset The Rhythm’s eighth birthday celebration at The Rhythm Factory.

There’s been a certain amount of anticipation around these debut UK live appearances, and tonight is no different as the sold-out venue proves. Unfortunately, they get off to a bit of a shaky start, taking the stage unassumingly for album opener ‘All The Sun That Shines’. The sound lacks any real punch and the volume is a bit diminished too, causing Indra Dunis’ vocals to be pretty much lost in the mix. There’s much the same problem with ‘Amazing and Wonderful’, the meandering electronic whirr failing to take flight and the duo looking just a little bit uninterested. Disappointingly this continues for much of the set. ‘Hey Sparrow’ and its sunny guitar melody saves things slightly, but by the time the band conclude the set there seems to be a sense of relief - from both audience and band. Perhaps in part down to the fact that the duo haven’t played too many live shows yet, and also the shaky sound system on offer, tonight’s set still seems like a bit of a letdown.

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