Oval & Imbogodom - Cafe Oto, London

The last thing you expect to confronted with when entering a venue is a yeti with glowing white eyes. But when this particular hairy beast opens his mouth, it’s not a horrific yelp that emanates but the sweet strains of Alexander Tucker’s voice. Performing under his Imbogodom guise, who last year released a limited LP on Thrill Jockey, he attempts to recreate those tape experiments in the live setting supplemented by his beautiful layered voice. On the whole it’s an enveloping and engaging set of ambient electronics if a little quiet, a criticism which the yeti-man himself shares with us.

Oval on the other hand is a little more hit and miss. Markus Popp has been known as a pioneer of glitch-driven electronic music, and tonight he plays his first show in over eight years in the capital. What we get is ostensibly a man standing behind his laptop contorting his face in strange ways to reflect the cut-up and distorted nature of his sounds. But as his set progresses, you kind of forget this fact and are enveloped in the damaged clicks and pops that make up most of his work. Tracks from his most recent 70-track album O meld seamlessly with his other material to create one hour long piece that sounds like a damaged robot that has found a sense of melody. While there may not be much to look at, musically it is a magical journey of blissful glitch-tronica from a man who is a relative legend in his field.

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