No Guns N' Roses, but Sunday at Download still had Ozzy Osbourne's final performance

Today is the day where you wake up from a heavy Saturday night and an incredible, life changing Guns N' Roses headline slot but you seem to have a hangover on top of a hangover. Nothing a day full of Metal and Rock won't cure! Lets get into Sunday and the final day of Download 2018...

Up and comers Dream State are up first on the Avalanche Stage and shake away the cobwebs with their emo drenched sound, taking over from where Paramore left off before they turned pop, the Welsh group pull an impressive crowd for so early in the morning. Puppy bring the power with their crushing riffs and smooth buttery vocals, showcasing songs from their latest single Demons and EP back catalogue with its infectious groove.

The Metal community certainly 'Live For This' as hardcore bruisers Hatebreed attack the stage that they own from first song to last, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Maybe not the dangerous band they once were but multiple pits open up as lead singer Jamey Jasta commands the crowd into a furious maelstrom of arms, legs and heads as he bellows "Live for this/Live/Live" from the nuclear bomb blast of 'Live For This', what a set!

At 60 years old and having already conquered the world of Rap and Hip-Hop Ice-T continues to blaze a trail in the world of Rock with his project Body Count. He may have played one on TV for the best part of 20 years but Ice-T still has a venom for authority and (corrupt) cops in real life. The band bring the groove and enjoy themselves and yes, they do play the controversial song, now as it was in 1992, 'Cop Killer' and even bring out Jamey Jasta for good measure.

Photo Credit - Matt Eachus

Marilyn Manson can blow hot and cold on any given day. Remember the last Download appearance with the BS of his 'coat on?' 'coat off?' routine. Eurgh, play the songs please Mr.Warner thank you very much. Well today, The God of Fuck is on fine form, playing up to his theatrical side throughout. No medical helpers this time out as the broken leg is better but multiple costumes abound as he plays through all his hits. A particularly sexed up 'Kill4Me' goes over well and bringing out Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth is a masterstroke for 'The Beautiful People' works well. Good form Mr.Warner, we'll have you back next year.

Photo Credit - Matt Eachus

So last, and quite literally last as this is a retirement tour, is Ozzy Osbourne. Much piss has been taken of him over the years, splashed across MTV with his family shouting "Shhaaaarrrroon" but Ozzy Osbourne is so much more than that. A person who, as one quarter of the mighty Black Sabbath (who headlined the same slot in 2016, when the heavens opened) brought about the invention of Heavy Metal. As with Black Sabbath's 2016 set, it all hinges on Ozzy's voice, if it's in bad condition the set falters, but if its strong, it's out of this world. It's in the latter part overall tonight, other than a few bum high notes Ozzy's voice is strong, powerful and clear. The days of jumping up and down and even chucking buckets of water on the crowd are done but running through classics like 'Bark At The Moon', 'Shot In The Dark' and 'Crazy Train' you can't falter the set. Each and every one a classic. As Ozzy departs the stage with the sky full of fireworks after a run through of 'Paranoid' the crowd leave with passion in their heart and a head full of music that we all love dearly. Download 2019 can't come quick enough! Horns UP!

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