Mice Parade - Corsica Studios, London

It’s been a fair old while since Mice Parade have graced our drizzly shores, but tonight marks Adam Pierce and co’s return to the capital on the back of a brand new album, What It Is To Be Left-Handed. First up however is Fat-Cat label mates Silje Nes, who have also released a new album in the shape of Opticks. The band's namesake has a beautifully delicate voice, and the audience manage to keep deftly quiet during the entirety of their set. The brilliant violin and percussive driven music blend well with the innocence of Silje’s voice and they have no doubt made a fair few new fans tonight, this scribe included.

Adam Pierce certainly has a knack for choosing the right musicians to help realise his heavily layered and charmingly melodic folk, and tonight this shows through in spades with the ensemble he’s brought along. Opening with the first track from the aforementioned new album, it’s immediately noticeable that this is a tight unit, yet despite this everything sounds so beautiful and natural. The amazing Dan Lippel and his classical guitar skills bring a fluidity to the sound that’s a joy to behold, and watching his fingers work along the fretboard is quite amazing.

'The Tales of Las Negras' follows and every instrument melds into folky harmony, with Pierce's vocals working well with the innocent, feminine tones of Caroline Lufkin. The band run through various songs from their back catalogue including a heart-warming version of ‘Warm Hand in Farmland’. There could have been no better way to spend a dreary Wednesday night than in the company of these fine musicians.

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