Margo Price - The Lexington, London

This is the third time The Digital Fix has covered Margo Price, all three times in London, at The Social, then the Scala, now The Lexington. She's due back to play The O2 as part of Country To Country festival in 2018 but you can't help but feel the smaller is where she's at home, and where you see the best of the Pricetags (her band).

The Lexington holds about 200 people and is relatively rowdy for a British venue on a Wednesday night. Price and her band fit right in and are confident in their setlist, mixing new with old (well if songs from 2016 count as old). Starting with 'Nowhere Fast' and 'Don't Say It' from All American Made in fact ten of the record's twelve tracks make an appearance tonight. 'Pay Gap' finds support from the crowd, as does 'All American Made' and it's strong message to the new American establishment.

Whilst those songs, as well as the shoegaze country of 'Cocaine Cowboy' all thrive in the live environment, it's her stalwarts that are still the highs of the show, 'Hands Of Time' still breaks hearts, and 'Paper Cowboy' still breaks eardrums, showing off the sensitive storyteller, and the rip roaring honky tonk bar band in turn.

On stage, in a small venue is where it all started for Price and her band, and it's still where she looks most at home. Taming the O2 and C2C crowd can wait for another day, The Lexington follows The Social and The Scala in bowing down the the might of Margo Price's brand of country music.

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