Lacuna Coil - KoKo, London

Lacuna Coil are back in this country, touring a set drawing upon their entire discography rather than the somewhat insular selection from last year. Even in the first few tracks the intent is signalled with recent favourite 'Kill The Light' mixing it up with the old classic 'Senzafine'.

There is no denying the sheer erotic appeal of frontwoman Cristina Scabbia; I know it is an old debate long beyond being settled, but nights like this demonstrate just how sexy this woman is on stage. No matter what, you cannot take your eyes off her, her allure drawing you in like a fish on a hook.

The acoustic guitars come out half way through for a very intimate and beautiful segment; kicking off with 'Falling Again' from the debut In A Reverie, they run through most of their more morose numbers as well as a few surprising translations – none more so than 'Closer' or the soaring 'End Of Time', a track for long journeys in the car apparently. Originally met with a respectful hush, the crowd deliver rousing applause to the stunning harmonies, with much swaying to boot.

We return to electric wonderland with the anthemic 'Our Truth', the pulsating sing-along proving to be a real highlight of the evening. The band promise to be back next year for the fifteen anniversary of Lacuna Coil, and dig out 'No Need To Explain' off the very first self-titled EP to celebrate. This is a band that rarely fail to deliver in the live arena, and tonight is no exception.

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