Katy Perry - MEN Arena, Manchester

Batman's on the gantry manning a spotlight, Jason Vorhees is making himself at home on the soundboard, and Skeletor is relaxing at the lighting desk. Never let it be said that Katy Perry's is a crew that don't make the effort for Halloween. So when Katy herself appears, it's something of a surprise that her only concession to the holiday is a Rihanna mask, soon discarded as she kicks off the show.

What a show it is: significantly revamped and upgraded in staging terms (if not in set list) since it played the Apollo in March, and expanded for an Arena venue with new props, Katy Perry's candy shop makes for an impressive spectacle. It's helped of course by her continued success, with Teenage Dream having now spawned six singles, she has the luxury of being able to dispense almost wall-to-wall hits despite only being on her second studio album. There's little re-invention, unless you count a jazzy version of 'I Kissed A Girl' that breaks into the more familiar single version

Between songs, Perry is a natural at charming the audience in her role of Little Miss Naughty, pulling an audience member from the crowd for a cheeky kiss, describing her most ridiculous Halloween outfits ("I was a Thanksgiving Ham") and even talking football (she's a West Ham fan by marriage, apparently) with more than a hint of her husband's rambling delivery and accent.

Highlights included a spectacular romp through 'Hot N Cold' which included no less than six costume changes (and if you can let us know how that was pulled off, we'd be eternally grateful), an acoustic version of 'Thinking Of You' that takes place from a perilous cupcake perch suspended over the arena, and a ludicrous staging of 'Waking Up In Vegas' featuring Elvis and a dancing slot machine.

Setlist : Teenage Dream / Hummingbird Heartbeat / Waking Up in Vegas / Ur So Gay / Peacock / I Kissed A Girl / Circle The Drain / E.T. / Who Am I Living For / Pearl / Not Like The Movies / The One That Got Away (Acoustic) / Thinking Of You (Acoustic) / Hot N Cold / Last Friday Night / I Wanna Dance With Somebody / Firework // California Gurls

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