Jade Jackson - The Slaughtered Lamb, London

For her first time in London, on her first tour outside the US, Jade Jackson is following a well-worn path. The Slaughtered Lamb in the back streets of Islington is a familiar path for American acts starting out, having hosted the country-rock stylings of artists like Brent Cobb and Tyler Childers already in 2017.

Jackson though is different to those two, and to many who have come before. Being weened as much on The Cure as on Hank Williams hers is a particular mix of the finesse of country and the muscularly melodic nature of rock. Mixing the slight and emotional 'Motorcycle' and 'Bridges' ("We're gonna play you a sad song") with the dirtier guitars of 'Gilded' and 'Good Time Gone' give the show a pace that others in this tiny venue can lack.

Jackson's confidence is high too, playing a number of "new" songs - not from her May 2017 album Gilded, like totally new - and her shimmering stage presence, all powerful vocals and long black hair. Ably backed by her band of "brothers" they make a tight and surprisingly nuanced four-piece.

Having waited a year for her debut to get a release Jackson seems to be keen to make up for lost time. Her London debut was a timely reminder of the strength of her debut album, just in time for some year-end lists.

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