Haken, Maschine - The Borderline, London

As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, InsideOut have brought together two of their younger bands flying the prog flag for a little show at The Borderline in London Town. First up are Maschine, having just released their debut Rubidium. Mixing in a healthy dose of jazz with their metal, the music simply won't sit still as they race through a dozen different moods in every song. The inclusion of the particularly odd 'Cubixstro', apparently a "controversial late addition to the record" is very pleasing indeed, and more than hints at a very bright and bold future for them.

A recent addition to the label's roster, Haken are in real fine form tonight. It is widely known and recognised that they are all phenomenal musicians, but tonight they are incredibly tight as a single unit. The tracks off the latest album The Mountain undoubtedly make the most impact, coming across as the most complete and mature segments of the set.

As well as some crushing riffs they also find space for some beautiful introspection in the form of 'As Death Embraces', a stark contrast to the prog epics that is Haken's staple. Both sets tonight only go to show the passion and energy that many of the genre's more established names have been lacking in recent years (yeah, Dream Theater, I'm looking at you), and proves that the future is in very safe, and dexterous, hands indeed.

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