Gojira - O2 Academy Islington

The Safety Fire have quickly risen to the upper echelons of this supposed 'djent' scene with their debut Grind The Ocean supported by a vast amount of touring. They don't waste this prized support slot as they bounce their way through a very accomplished half hour of blistering riffs and energetic performances from all five band members.

I feel I have done more than my fair share in the past few weeks of trying to knock Gojira off the ridiculously high pedestal upon which they have been placed, but I'm not ready to stop just yet. Yes, they can be an awesome band live, but not every time do they get up there and blow the place to smithereens.

Tonight they are strangely mercurial, at times, most notably during 'The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe' and 'Flying Whales', giving glimpses of why they have this reputation. But equally, half the set is a wee bit dull and un-engaging as they just go through the motions of 'Space Time' and 'Toxic Garbage Island' without much emotion or connection with the audience as a whole.

Despite the novelty, the tracks from new album L'Enfant Sauvage come across very well, with an added vibrancy and enthusiasm that didn’t necessarily surface in the studio versions. 'Explosia' in particular is real highlight and is greeted with such a fervour by the baying masses you could mistake it for an old classic. Most will take away from this evening the songs in which Gojira got it right; but a few will be disappointed that they didn’t floor us for the entire set this time around.

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