Goblin - Union Chapel, London

Islington's Union Chapel is a working 19th-century church used for various purposes in the local community. Its gothic façade and interior are a fitting environment for tonight's performance by Claudio Simonetti and his version of the renowned 70s band Goblin. The stage is lit with a wash of purples and blues as the band take the stage with the master of ceremonies standing off to one side and having his keyboards open to the audience which is a nice touch so he can communicate with the crowd better.

Tonight's performance was supposed to be a musical accompaniment to the classic Romero film Dawn Of The Dead which Goblin did a soundtrack for but due to circumstances beyond the control of the band we are instead in for a treat with the greatest hits of Goblin. With a cinema screen hanging behind the band and a light show to set the mood the band delve into their past.

70s Italian prog may not be for everyone but tonight the crowd lap it up with the bass-heavy Demons theme rumbling the foundations of the building at the start. Famously known in the UK for the soundtrack to Dawn Of The Dead, the themes are played tonight accompanied by short scenes and a lovely tribute to the recently passed George Romero which the audience applauds.

Alongside the music and the soundtracks, a visualizer appears on the cinema screen to accompany the album tracks such as 'Roller' giving it an immersive, disorientating feeling. With a remake in the works, towards the end of the show Goblin pull out the theme (again accompanied by scenes of the film) for Suspiria and accompanied by Claudio on vocals, the band bring the evening to a thundering crescendo. An atmospheric, bewitching evening in surroundings fit to make your blood chill.

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