Gengahr - Louisiana, Bristol

Gengahr may look like and have the following of your average indie band but the London quartet are unique in many ways - for one they're named after a Pokemon (maybe their 2015 rise was a foreshadowing of the recent Pokemon Go hysteria). Their music so far has earned many labels, psych-rock, lo-fi, pop; prominent psychedelia has been their biggest draw though, and the reason they've been compared to the likes of MGMT and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Their debut album A Dream Outside came out mid-2015 and since then they've embarked on tours supporting big names Wolf Alice and alt-J, now they're on their biggest headlining tour so far.

Selling out the small 140 capacity venue creates a perfectly intimate setting for the group's ethereal sound. With a stage set up of dreamy blue lighting mirroring their gorgeous album art, painted personally by multi-talented bassist Hugh Schulte.

A short set lasts only 45 minutes, and even though a selection of new tunes are included there's clearly room for a second album. The mix of the known and the new worked well and the debuts were well-received as stylistically they don't venture too far from the rest of the set; however the band made it clear they were aware of the crowd's desire for songs they could sing along to. Popular singles 'She's a Witch' and 'Heroine' got the crowd singing along whilst the more chilled numbers like 'Bathed in Light' soothed and entranced the audience.

There's no word yet on when exactly the next installment will arrive, the band provided the facetiously vague answer 'How long is a piece of string?', but it is likely to be early 2017. With the apparent continuation in style Gengahr fans have much to look forward to, and chances are the new year will see the band embrace even more fans at even bigger venues.

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